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The concept of Mindful lies in the development of technological and environmental solutions to manage the use of energy resources.

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About Us

Who We Are

TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS is an innovative and dynamic company, specialized in energy efficiency and ambient solutions for buildings and industry. 

Due to its advanced technology, TJF can accurately respond to the current market needs within the energy, environment and sustainability sectors.

With the "Mindful" concept, we intend to stimulate the energy control market, offering a wide range of services that complement each other. 

The company distinguishes itself in the market for its services and dedication to find different and innovative solutions, and its mission is to provide high quality, technologically advanced products and solutions that meet the customer needs.

What We Do

We help our clients manage the use of their energetic resources in an effective and efficient way, therefore helping to reduce their facilities carbon emissions, aiding the overall reduction of costs and increasing sustainability.

We develop advanced tools and applications to optimize evaluation processes, energy management and facilities management in accordance to our customer needs.

Our main priority is to achieve the customer’s energy goals by providing the adequate hardware and software in our area of expertise.

Learn more about our products and added value services.

Know more about our products and added value services... 

How We Do It

We offer and implement innovative solutions and services to achieve energy efficiency and develop them according to the customer’s needs, particularly:

  • Specialized consulting, focused on energy and environment
  • Energy diagnostics
  • Energy audits for the tertiary sector and industry
  • Energy production projects by use of renewable energy
  • Energy certification of housing and service buildings
  • Smart solutions for monitoring energy consumptions and optimization of energy systems.
  • Smart solutions for facilities management
  • Applications and tools for process optimization in the area of energy and environment

Business Areas


Usually characterized as being the wider and most personal market, the housing market is of great importance to the Mindful concept.  It aims to provide various viable economic solutions for energy management and control, designed to ease the customer’s daily life.

To start reducing the monthly energy invoice, it is necessary to first determine the use of the energy resources, in order to then define a rationalization strategy for future consumption and establishment of goals.

We offer the following products/services to increase energy efficiency in your home: 

  • Energy certification 
  • Smart solutions for monitoring energy consumptions 
  • Platform for managing energy consumption

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Trade and Services

All the service sectors are a major focus of the Mindful philosophy. These buildings are continuously used and highly exposed to the public, and therefore they should serve as a prime example. In a society increasingly in need of environmental awareness, control of service buildings is undoubtedly a cornerstone in the evolution of this mind-set.

The adoption of sustainable behaviour is increasingly unrelenting in working towards reducing energy resources consumption, and consequently reduces operating costs and increases competitiveness. A more efficient use of energy allows at the same time to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions into the atmosphere, with all the benefits it can bring in terms of environment and external communication into your own business.

Through specialized teams, we work with our clients in the entire process of energy efficiency, providing a complete range of products and services:

  • Energy certification
  • Diagnosis and energy audit
  • Smart solutions for monitoring energy consumptions
  • Platform for managing energy consumption
  • Smart solutions for facilities management

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The great potential for improvement in the implementation of the Mindful concept lies within the industrial sector. With constant technological evolution, the need for a corresponding environmental evolution arises, by improving energy efficiency and the use of natural resources provided by the continuous development of Mindful products and services.

Energy efficiency is the actual way for our companies to reduce operating, consequently making them more competitive and sustainable.

It is essential to have information on how the energy resources are being used to know where to save.

Through specialized teams we work with our clients in all the process of energy efficiency, providing a complete range of products and services:

  • Energy certification
  • Diagnosis and energy audit
  • Smart solutions for monitoring energy consumptions
  • Platform for managing energy consumption
  • Smart solutions for facilities management
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Energy Professionals

We identified the interest amongst auditors and energy managers in companies for an integrated solution that supports the dematerialization of the whole process of managing energy efficiency with a central repository to store all the data produced, so that auditors and companies can easily access.

For energy professionals, the Mindful concept consists of using an ecoefficient tool that supports in an integrated system the entire array of energy management and audit processes of industrial & service businesses, and also in common homes. This solution is available in the Saas model (Software as a Service), and it will allow for fast noticeable results, efficiently aiding the energy manager/auditor in their daily tasks of energy efficiency analysis and the future impact of their improvement suggestions. This way the auditor will be able to ground their decisions related to improvement actions, reduce environmental impact and lower the global energy footprint of their facility.With this solution, it is possible to monitor the whole process of energy audit and subsequent control of the impact of the measures implemented. We offer the following product/service to increase the competitiveness of your business:

  • Applications and tools for process optimization in the field of energy and environment.

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Products and Services

Latest News

"More with Less"

TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS is able to help those interested in submitting applications to  Notice 08 of the "Sistema Geral de Consumos Intensivos de Energia (SGCIE)" which serves to promote the "Energy Efficiency 2014" event organized by the "Fundo de Eficiência Energética (FEE)". These applications can be submitted from the 25th of June until 6pm of October 23rd 2014.

This notice backs the funding of thermal insulation industrial operations, energy audits and implementation of consumption management equipment.

This project is aimed for SME's wishing to reduce or optimize their energy consumption. Enterprises can achieve this by performing an energy audit, implementing efficient measures and by training their employees. Exclusive to companies in Portugal (North, Center and “Alentejo”).

For more information about participation fees, the beneficiaries and eligibility conditions, get in touch with us.

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Our Team

TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS has a highly specialized multidisciplinary team in their areas of operation, striving for excellence in their work and adding value to their customers.

Tiago Fonseca


Mechanical Engineer (FEUP). Qualified expert within the sector of energy indoor air quality control.
Technical auditor recognized by DGEG under SGCIE – General Systems of Intensive energy consumers, with over 10 years of experience in the area of energy efficiency.

Sílvia Esteves

Project Manager

Industrial and Management Engineer (FEUP), with more than 10 years of experience coordinating teams, managing I&DT projects and the development of specialized consulting activities. Specialist in the areas of Ecodesign, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost and Ecoefficiency.

Ricardo Carvalhinho

Marketing / Business Developer

Industrial and management Engineer.
Consultant in marketing / business development.

Luís Martins

Software Developer

Electrical & Computing Engineer specialized in automation. Responsible for software development within the energy and environment sector.

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