About Us


About Us

TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS is an innovative and dynamic company specializing in energy and environment solutions for buildings and industry.

It is characterized by an advanced technological degree and arises to meet the current needs of the market, within the energy, environment and sustainability sectors.

With the concept “Mindful”, we intend to energize the market of energy control, offering a wide range of complementary services among themselves.

The company distinguishes itself in the market for its services and dedication in finding different and innovative solutions, its mission is to provide products and solutions of high quality, technologically advanced and adapted to the needs of its clients.

What we do

We help our customers manage the use of their energy resources in an effective and efficient way, contributing to the reduction of their installations’ carbon emissions, promoting a reduction of global costs and increased sustainability.

We develop advanced tools and applications to optimize the processes of evaluation, energy management and facilities management according to the needs of our clients.

Our activity aims to provide hardware and software, coupled with our expertise, to achieve the client’s energy goals.

In order to reach its strategic objectives, the company TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS bets on the following axes: Trust and Partnership; Excellence and Quality; Investigation and development.


How we do

We offer and implement innovative solutions and services with a view to energy efficiency and develop customized solutions, namely:

  • Consultancy specialized in the area of energy and environment
  • Energy diagnostics
  • Energy audits of the tertiary sector and industry
  • Projects for the production of energy from renewable energy sources
  • Energy certification of houses and commercial buildings and services
  • Intelligent solutions for monitoring energy consumption and optimizing energy systems
  • Intelligent solutions for facilities management
  • Applications and tools for optimization of processes in the area of energy and environment

Our team

TJF ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS has a highly specialized multidisciplinary team in their areas of operation, striving for excellence in their work and adding value to their customers.

Tiago Fonseca

Sílvia Esteves